Thank you for your interest in clinical trials, clinical studies and scientific research in the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia and hair loss. 
Scientific studies performed at Bauman Medical have included research on surgical instruments for hair transplantation, medical devices, topical treatments, hair care products, pharmaceuticals, bio-cellular products and cell therapy, cellular markers of inflammation in hair loss, post-transplant healing protocols, “quality of life” assessments of hair loss patients and more. 
Much of our research has contributed to improvements in the field of hair restoration and how we are better able to help our day-to-day patients reach and maintain their hair restoration goals. Thank you to our patients, colleagues and industry partners who have generously participated in these scientific endeavors!  
At Bauman Medical, we take pride in the fact our scientific and investigative work is performed at or above the highest standards of professional ethics.  
Note: A list of all publicly registered clinical trials can be found at
What kind of research trials are expected in the future?
  • T-cell Blocker Drugs
  • JAK Inhibitor Drugs
  • Follicular Neogenesis aka “Hair Cloning”
  • Cell Therapy using Dermal Papilla Cells
  • Growth Factors & Cytokines
  • SVF Stromal Vascular Fraction
  • ADSC Adipose Derived Stem Cells
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